School of Media and Communications

Brief Introduction

School of Media and Communications (SMC) is currently composed of Department of Broadcast & TV Arts, Department of Journalism, Department of Animation, Photography Department, Department of Digital Media Arts, Film and Television Production Centre, and Institute of Animation Art, including the following eight undergraduate disciplines: Broadcast and TV Producing, Broadcast & TV Producing (Broadcasting and Hosting), Radio & TV Journalism, Radio & TV Journalism (Edit and Publishing), Animation, Animation (Art of Game Making), Animation (Photography), and Animation (Media Advertising); besides, it also has master programs in Broadcast & TV Arts and Industrial Design Engineering (professional Master¡¯s degree of Engineering ), and enrolls master students in disciplines like Broadcast & TV Arts, Animation and Photography.

The faculty of SMC is consisting of 9 professors and 17 associate professors. Among the full-time teachers, five have got doctor¡¯s degree or are doctor candidates and 12 are master instructors. This school has now 1,900 students with an annual enrollment of 560 students.

SMC is equipped with individual reference room and reading room with more than 20,000 volumes of professional books and over 30 categories of academic journals.

President of this school: Wang Weijian

Wang Weijian, male, born in Oct. 1960, is the president of SMC, Harbin Normal University, Professor and master instructor; Heilongjiang Young and Middle-aged excellent experts, a member of Chinese Visual Art Institute; the vice president of Heilongjiang Provincial and Municipal Design Association and Broadcasting Association; a director of Heilongjiang Art Society; and judge of the national art exhibition.

He has attained consequently the Gold Prize of National Lufeng Cup Typography Design Competition, Gold Prize of Heilongjiang Art Exhibition for the 80th Anniversary of CPC, Excellent Award of the National Animations by State Administration of Radio Film and Television (SARFT) when he was the Art Director of Japanese Soldiers in Mao¡¯ershan Mount. advanced individual for contribution to Chinese Public Welfare Campaign, Design Talent of Chinese One-hundred Designers ¡ªOne-hundred Outstanding Youth, and Contribution Award for Teaching in Chinese Animation Games Department; and in 2009, his works were listed for the 11th National Art Exhibition.

His main works include Film Ads Course, Graphic Innovative Design, Appreciation of Ads Design Works and Art Education & Teaching Research Theories.

Address: Room 705, School of Media and Communications, Tianjiabing Building, No. 50, Hexing Road, Nangang District, Harbin

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