Harbin Normal University Academy of Fine Arts

Brief Introduction

Harbin Normal University Academy of Fine Arts was developed from the Harbin Normal University Department of Art established in 1956 and Harbin Normal University College of the Arts approved by the provincial government in 1985.

The Academy currently has the right to grant doctorate and master's degrees of first-level disciplines and degree of Master of Fine Arts (MFA). The Academy has a talent team for provincial level key disciplines of fine arts; a provincial key discipline of fine arts and Heilongjiang Province key discipline construction group. The Academy also has a national (B class) characteristic specialty and a national art experimental teaching demonstration center, which includes studios of 9 majors.

The Academy has a highest level art and art design creation and teacher group in Heilongjiang Province, 5 members of various state-level professional art committees, seven provincial-level outstanding professionals with outstanding contributions, five vice presidents of provincial professional associations and two people who enjoy special government allowances from the State Council. It has 191 professional teachers, including 20 professors, 42 associate professors; 2 doctoral tutors and 42 master tutors; and 92 teachers with doctorí»s degree or masterí»s degree. Teachers have a good learning-origin structure, higher education level and a talent team of reasonable structure.

The Academy is set up with Department of Arts Education, Department of Chinese Painting, Department of Painting, Department of Sculpture, Department of Engraving, Department of Art History and Theories, Department of Decorative Artistic Design, Department of Environmental Art Design, Department of Fashion Design and Department of Arts and Crafts ten teaching departments. It has Fine Arts and Artistic Design Theories two first-level disciplines, 6 majorities (fine arts, artistic design, Chinese painting, calligraphy, sculpture and painting) and 28 directions of majors (art education, comprehensive arts, art theory, fine arts theory, design art theory, Chinese painting landscapes, Chinese painting flowers and birds, Chinese painting figures, calligraphy, painting, engraving, sculpture, ice sculptures, murals, lacquer painting, watercolor painting, comprehensive painting, materials media and performance, graphic design, publishing art design, craft design, fashion design, fashion show and the overall image design, environmental art design, urban landscape, public art, glass and pottery, and metallic art). The Academy currently has 3,500 students and about 1,000 students are recruited every year.

 Dean of the Academy is Zhao Yunlong.

Profile of Zhao YunLong:

After graduating from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and obtaining the bachelorí»s degree in 1988, Zhao Yunlong began to teach at Harbin Normal University College of the Arts in the same year. He is currently the Dean of the Academy of Fine Arts of Harbin Normal University, a professor and master tutor. Mr. Zhao is also a member of the Watercolor Painting Arts Council of Chinese Artists Association, a member of the National Art Masterí»s Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, chairman of Watercolor Painting Professional Committee of Heilongjiang Province, an outstanding young expert in Heilongjiang Province, visiting professor of Nanjing Normal University, Academy of Fine Arts, and Northeast Normal University, Academy of Fine Arts and a star teacher of Harbin Normal University. He has been awarded the "May Fourth" medal by Heilongjiang Provincial Communist Youth League and acted as the art and design teaching material chief editor of the National Twelfth Five-year Key Scientific Project Plan.

 Address: Room 225, Main Teaching Building, Academy of Fine Arts, No. 50, Hexing Road, Nangang District, Harbin

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College Office: 0086 -451-88067292
Dean's Office: 0086 -451-88067288
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