College of Life Science and Technology

Brief Introduction

College of Life Science and Technology currently has three departments (biological sciences, biological engineering and technology, garden department), sets three undergraduate programs (biological sciences, biological technology, garden). Genetics recruits doctoral candidates. "Biology" has right to grant first level discipline master's degree, in which five specialties: botany, zoology, genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology as well as ecology recruit postgraduates.

The college currently has staff of 87, full-time teachers 67, including 20 professors, 27 associate professors, 16 lecturers. There are 32 teachers with doctoral degree, 9 PhD students, 9 postdoctoral teachers, 1 person pits in. Among teachers, there are 3 doctoral supervisors, 24 master tutors, 1 person enjoys special allowances of the state government, 1 person enjoys special allowances of Heilongjiang government, 1 provincial excellent young and middle-aged expert; 2 teaching masters, three are awarded Award of Excellence of school Ning Qikun young teachers teaching. Our teacher currently host some national and provincial scientific researches in research, the  subjects include: NSFC(Natural Science Foundation of China) topic 6 items, 19 provincial scientific research projects, and have published 366 articles in journals above the provincial level in recent three years.

The college currently has three provincial key disciplines (botany, zoology and genetics); 1 key construction specialty (biological science specialty); 2 provincial key laboratories (plant biology laboratory, molecular cytogenetics  and breeding laboratory); 1 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center (experimental teaching center of biological basis); 3 provincial top-quality courses (botany, biology teaching theory, zoology), 2 school top-quality courses (genetic engineering introduction, genetics).

The college has 14 laboratories for undergraduate, 15 laboratories for postgraduate and undergraduate research and innovative use, more than 2400 sets of equipment, whose total price is 17.05 million Yuan. The space area is 7837 square meters. There is a greenhouse covering a total area of 894 square meters, a 2-hectare experimental base and herbarium of 800 square meters. The college has 1993 school-based undergraduates& junior college students, 164 postgraduates, 12 doctoral candidates.Dean: (temporarily none)


Address: Building of science and technology 3, No. 1 Normal University South Road, Limin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Harbin
College office: 0086-451-88060576
Dean's office: 0086-451-88060673


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