Brief Introduction

 The Mathematical Sciences College was founded in 2008 and consists of three teaching divisions which are mathematics, information sciences and statistics, and two science institutes include systematic sciences institute and Y. Y. Tseng¡¯s Functional Analysis Research Center. There are 3 undergraduate majors in the college, mathematics and applied mathematics, information and computer science, statistics. The college is awarded with first level master degree program of mathematics and curriculums and teaching theories(teaching theories on mathematics), and enrolls master degree postgraduates for such majors as basic mathematics, applied mathematics, computational mathematics, probability and statistics, operations research and control theory, curriculums and teaching theories. The basic mathematics is key subjects at provincial level, while mathematics and applied mathematics major is national characteristic specialty and key at provincial level.

The college has 14 professors including one Heilongjiang Chair Professor, two Distinguished Professors,30 associates professors, 39 lecturers, among whom there is one expert with outstanding contribution to the nation, three persons enjoys government allowance of the state council, and three persons enjoys government allowance of the province, one academic leader of provincial level, two provincial outstanding young-middle age experts, three tutors for doctoral postgraduates, 16 instructors for master degree candidates, five of whom are awarded with post-doctoral titles, 28 has PhD degrees and 45 has master degrees.

The Experiment Teaching Center of the college has three laboratories including computer lab with integrated functions, computer hard ware lab and mathematic research lab. There are 7 rooms in the center covering 694 m2 and including 416 sets devices and equipments, which worth 2.9 million RMB in fixed assets.

The mathematical sciences college has independent library and reference room including more than 80 kinds of Chinese and foreign journals in mathematics, electronic communication, etc., and over 10,000 collected books.

Dean, Doctor Song Wen

Person profile:
Song Wen was born in February in 1964 in Harbin Heilongjiang province. In 1986 he graduated from Harbin Normal University with Bachelor Degree of Sciences. In 1997 he graduated from Mathematical Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences with Doctor Degree of Sciences. He is now the professor, tutor for doctoral postgraduate and dean of the mathematical sciences college. His major field of study is variational methods analysis and optimization. He has published one English monograph, Duality in Set-valued Optimization, and almost 50 papers on key international academic journals such as Siam J. Optim, Math. Program, J. Math. Anal Appl, J.Optim.Theory Appl., and Nonlinear Analysis. Currently he is carrying out programs of National Natural Sciences Funds, and has completed many programs of Heilongjiang Province Outstanding Youth Funds and National Natural Funds under his charge. He received second-place prize of Heilongjiang province Science and Technology (natural science) in 2001, 2003 and 2010 respectively. In the same time, he is the trustee of Operations Research Society of China, standing director of the Mathematical Programming Branch of Operations Research Society of China, deputy director of Heilongjiang Province Mathematical Society, and so on.

Address: Room302, mathematical sciences college in the 1# science building, No.1 South Normal University Road, Limin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Harbin.

College office£º0086-451-88060565
Dean¡¯s office£º0086-451-88060562
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