Brief Introduction

The Oriental Languages College consists of Japanese Department, Korean Department, Arabic Department as well as other teaching and research institutions like Japanese public courses office and oriental language and culture research center. Four undergraduate disciplines are set up, namely Japanese (with English and Korean Minor), Practical Japanese, Korean and Arabic. There is a master's major of Japanese Language and literature which includes three directions for academic-based masters, namely Japanese Literature, Japanese Culture, Japanese linguistics, and two directions for professional masters, namely translation and interpretation.

There are 5 professors, 9 assistant professors, 3 Japanese foreign teachers and 5 Korean foreign teachers in the college. Among all full-time teachers, 9 have doctor's degree or become PhD candidate and 4 have master's degree. At present, there are about 660 students in the college and the annual enrollment in recent years is about 200 students.

The college possesses independent material room and reading room, with 11053 professional books and more than 100 academic journals. The college also has newly-constructed multimedia language lab, meeting room and so on.

The current dean of the college is Wang Zongjie.

Wang Zongjie's Profile:
Wang Zongjie, female, was born in Tanggu, Tianjin in January 1964. She graduated in Japanese from the English Department of Harbin Normal University in 1986. Graduating in Japanese Literature from Northeast Normal University in 1991, she was sent to study in the Hokkaido University of Education at public expense in 1994 and received the master's degree of Linguistics. In 2008, she graduated from Foreign Languages College of Northeast Normal University with a doctor's degree of foreign literature. Wang Zongjie is currently the dean of Oriental Languages College of Harbin Normal University and master's instructor in Japanese Literature and Culture. She also performs as the key academic leader of Heilongjiang Education Department and Personnel Department, life member of National Institute of Japanese Literature, permanent member of National Japanese Education and Research Association, guest professor for Japanese Star University as well as Executive director of Heilongjiang Translators Association.

Address: Room 203, Oriental Languages College of Comprehensive Building, No.1 South Normal University Road, Limin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Harbin.
College Office: 0086-451-88060790
Dean's Office: 0086-451-88060797
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