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Brief Introduction

Political Science and Law Institute, previously the Political Education Department of Harbin Normal University, has nearly 60 years school-running history. The institute which has cultivated large quantities of outstanding talents is one of the national prestigious teaching units. It consists of politics department, law department, border history and culture research center, college ideological and political education research center, etc. It now has three doctoral programs including the marxist basic principles, marxism sinicization study, ideological and political education, Masterí»s degree program of nine disciplines in which three are national first class disciplines, one marxist theory post-doctoral research station, an undergraduate course which is the national characteristic as well as provincial key construction discipline, three provincial key construction disciplines, and two research centers which are provincial key research bases.

There is 61 existing staff, including 12 professors, 21 associate professors, 5 doctoral advisors, 22 master advisors and 15 teachers with doctor's degree.  At present, there are about 1238 students of different categories in the college and the annual enrollment in recent years is about 300 students.

The college covers 11000 square meters of college teaching area, scientific research area, office area and housing area, including library, reference room and moot court, with more than 200 kinds of Chinese and foreign journals and over 60000 volumes of books.

The dean of the college is Wang Fuxing

Wang Fuxing's profile: 

Wang Fuxing was born in March 1961 in Jiamusi city, Hei Longjiang province. In 1983, He graduated from International Politics of Peking University and received the Bachelorí»s degree in Law. He received the Masterí»s degree in Law and Doctoral degree in Law in 1988 and 2008 from the Political Science Department of Northeast Normal University and Political Science and Law Institute of Harbin Normal University, respectively. He is currently working as an institute professor, doctoral tutor as well as the dean, engaging in research and teaching of scientific socialism principle and the socialism theory with Chinese characteristics. He is also the executive director of the provincial Scientific Socialist Society, executive director of the provincial Academy of Political Science, and director of Association for History of China's Communist Movement.

Address: Political Science and Law Institute of Social Science Building, No.1 South Normal University Road, Limin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Harbin.

College Office: 0086í¬451í¬88060518      
Dean's Office:  0086í¬451í¬88060651
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