Brief Introduction to Postgraduate School

Brief Introduction

The Postgraduate School of Harbin Normal University was founded in January 2008, with the postgraduate department as its former. There are five sections with the faculty of 12 people in the school, namely postgraduate admissions office, postgraduate education office, postgraduate management office, postgraduate Youth League office as well as school office.

Harbin Normal University is among the first group of universities which are authorized to grant master's degree in our country. With 30 years' construction and development, an academic-based and application-orientated postgraduate education system has been formed which has a wide range of disciplines, optimized structure and pays attention to both home and abroad. There are2 post-doctoral research centers, 3 first-level doctoral programs, 31 second-level doctoral programs, 16 first-level academic-based master programs and 114 second-level academic-based master programs. The authorized degree-awarding units basically complete the degree-awarding layout of our university. In addition, there are 6 authorized professional-degree-awarding units, including Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Master of Translation and Interpretation, Master of Education, Master of Sports, Master of Fine Arts and Master of Engineering, covering 32 professional fields. At present, there are 2918 full-time doctoral and postgraduate students, 605 part-time graduate students, 26 oversea students, 60 equivalent graduate students and 100 dual-cultured students. The postgraduate education in our school has entered a new historical stage.

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