School of Education Science (SES) is currently composed of Education Department , Department of Educational Technology, Pre-school Education Department, Institute of Education Sciences of Harbin Normal University, Elementary Education Curricula and Teaching Institute of Harbin Normal University, Heilongjiang Elementary Education Institute, Tao Xingzhi Institute of Harbin Normal University, Psychological Measurement and Consultation Institute of Harbin Normal University, Higher Education Institute, including the following five undergraduate disciplines: education, psychology, Educational Technology, pre-school education and elementary school education, among which, the education discipline and psychology discipline are of national professional characteristics. It has five doctor programs, including a first-level doctor program of Education Science; a first-level master program of Education Science and enrolls master students in eight different fields.

The faculty of SES is consisting of 19 professors and 23 associate professors. Among the full-time teachers, two have obtained post-doctor¡¯s degree, and 33 have got doctor¡¯s degree or are PhD candidates£»three are doctor instructors and 27 are master instructors. Now this school has 2,378 students with an annual enrollment of 500 students.

SES is equipped with individual reference room and reading room with 21,000 volumes of professional books and 134 categories of academic journals.

President of this school: Wen Hengfu

Wen Hengfu¡¯s profile:
Wen Hengfu, male, born in Yakeshi City of Inner Mongolia in July of 1961, received Master¡¯s degree in Curricula and Teaching from Education Department, Harbin Normal University in1990 and Doctor¡¯s degree of Education Science in Education Principles from Department of Education Sciences, Northeast Normal University in 2005. He is now a Professor and doctor instructor and the dean of SES. As a Doctor¡¯s degree of Education Science, he is the foregoer of the first-level discipline and the leading person of Education Department with national professional characteristics and the head of two key provincial disciplines (group)¡ª ¡°Educational Economy & Management¡± and ¡°Education of Middle and Elementary School Teachers¡± as well as a provincial-level distinguished teacher; he has presided 7 national and provincial education planning projects, and published 49 academic theses in newspapers like Studies on Education and 7 treatises such as Educational Leadership, compiled 12 works such as Frontier Issues on the Reform of Elementary Education, and achieved 5 educational accomplishments in state- and provincial-level. Besides, he is now the vice president of the Professional Committee of National Education Efficiency and School Improvement, standing director of the Branch of China Education Administration Association, president of Professional Committee of Education Major of Heilongjiang Education Association as well as vice president and secretary-general of Heilongjiang Tao Xingzhi Institute.

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