The Slavic college, formerly known as the Russian department that was founded in 1952 is one of the first established majors of Harbin Normal University. In 1993, the Russian major established an independent department, namely the Russian Language Department. In 2008, the university founded Slavic college including Russian and Polish majors, Russian teaching and researching division for non-major and an elective course of Serbian, three different languages in total. The college has two master programs including Russian language and literature, foreign linguistics and applied linguistics and it enrolls master candidates from other school curriculums and theory of teaching master programs of the university. In 2010 the college was successfully authorized as the first-level master program of foreign language and literature. ¡°Russian Language Education Research Center of Harbin Normal University¡±--a key higher learning research base of humanities and social sciences of Heilongjiang Province as well as ¡°Russian Culture and Arts Research Center of Heilongjiang Province¡±-- a key higher learning construction base of humanities and social sciences of Heilongjiang Province both settled in the college.

26 in-service teachers are currently working in the Slavic college, among whom there are seven professors, twelve associate professors. Among the full time teachers there is one holds PhD degree and fourteen are doctor candidates. One of them is doctor instructor and ten are master postgraduates¡¯ instructors. So far there are more than 700 students in the colleges and the annual enrollment in recent years is about 150 students.

The college has independent information room and reading room with massive professional books and more than ten thousand volumes of academic journals collected.

Dean: Professor Zhao Qiuye

Personal profile:
Zhao Qiuye received doctor degrees in Russian language and literature, Russian science of education. He is professor, PhD postgraduates¡¯ instructor, the first-session New Century Excellent Talent Award receiver granted by Ministry of Education and renowned teacher in Heilongjiang Province. He majors in Russian language and literature and his research directions are psychological linguistics and Russian theory of teaching. He is the dean of the Slavic college in Harbin Normal University, a member of the University¡¯s Academic Degree Committee, an academic leader on key majors of university level, an academic leader on key disciplines of provincial level, the director of the ¡°Russian Education Research Center of Heilongjiang Province¡±¡ªa key research base on humanities and social sciences. He has presided more than 10 projects on scientific research and teaching research at provincial and ministerial level. 5 books had been published or edited by him. And he has published over 30 papers in domestic and foreign magazines such as Modern Foreign Language, Foreign Language Research, and Moscow University Journal and so on.

He is, at the same time, a committee member of Foreign Language Major Teaching Instruction of High Education of Ministry of Education (2007-2011), standing director of China Russian Teaching Society, a member of editorial board of the China Russian Education Magazine, standing director of China Vygotsky Psychology Research Society, etc.

Add.: Room 225, Slavic college in the complex building, No.1 South Normal University Road, Limin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Harbin.

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