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Institutions and Contact

The College Office
Person in charge: Du Zhongjun
Office Tel: +86-451-88060738

Teaching Division

1. Russian department

(1) Brief introduction to the Russian department

In 1993, the Russian language major was established into a department, namely the Russian Language Department. Besides undertaking the teaching tasks for the undergraduates and master postgraduates in the college, each teacher in the department undertakes large amount of research assignment as well. There are thirteen teachers work in the department including one director, one deputy director, among whom there are three professors, six associate professors and four lecturers. One of them holds post-doctoral qualification and nine persons hold doctor degrees. Since the beginning of the Russian department, it has openly published over 200 papers, among which more than 100 papers are issued in core journals, and over 10 academic monographs and obtained more than 50 awards at all levels and all categories on research and teaching fields.

(2) Director of the department: Professor Zhang Jinzhong

 Personal profile:

Zhang Jinzhong was born in June 1968. In 1992, he graduated from Russian language major of foreign department of Harbin Normal University with Bachelor¡¯s degree of literature and in 1997 and 2004 he got his master and PhD degrees of literature respectively. Currently he is the director of the Russian Language Department in the Slavic college, professor and instructor for master postgraduates. His fields of study are lexicography and terminology. He published 3 academic books including Compilation Outline of Russian-Chinese Dictionary and Russian Vocabulary Database Organized by Analogy Mechanism, apart from which he has also published over 30 academic papers on journals such as Foreign Language Research, Lexicographical Studies and so on. He is, at the same time, a trustee of China Lexicography Bilingual Committee and other academies of this kind.

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2.Russian Language Teaching and Researching Division

(1) Brief introduction:

The Russian Language Teaching and Researching division was founded in 1985 and used to affiliate to the Foreign Language Teaching and Researching division of the university. In January 2008, the Russian division incorporated into the Slavic college. The Russian division is not only in charge of teaching Russian courses opened to undergraduates, master and doctor degree candidates who are non-Russian language major but also every teacher in the division undertakes the teaching responsibility for all Russian language major students at the same time.

There are eight teachers in the Russian Language Department, including one director and one deputy director. Among them there is one professor, six associate professors and one lecturer. One of them holds doctor degree, one is doctor degree candidate, five are with master degrees and one is master degree candidate. These teachers are backbone of the division working on teaching and researching field.

(2) Director of department: Professor Zhang Yanjie

Personal profile£º
Zhang Yanjie, female, was born in November 1963, Han ethnicity, the director of the Public Russian Language Teaching and Researching Division of Slavic college of Harbin Normal University. She was named professor in 2003. Her main fields of research are Russian language teaching, Russian culture and literature. In 1985 she received the Bachelor¡¯s degree of literature from Heilongjiang University and master degree of education from Harbin Normal University in 2000. She has obtained 13 scientific research tasks of the university, Education Department, provincial and ministerial levels. So far she has published 3 academic works including Free Talk Russian Culture, Society and Culture in Russia and so on; besides, there are over 20 academic papers has been issued in many journals such as Foreign Language Research, China Russian Teaching, etc.

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Scientific Research Institution

1. Russian Language Education Research Center

(1) Brief introduction:

The Russian Language Education Research Center was founded in 2007 and it is a key higher learning research base on humanities and social sciences of Heilongjiang Province. The center¡¯s directions of research are Russian psychological linguistics and Russian language education, theory of Russian language teaching, intercultural communication and Russian language teaching, bilingual teaching and lexicography. Ten of the twelve full time researchers in the center hold doctor¡¯s degrees. And there are four professors and eight associate professors. Since the establishment of the center, it has published 91 academic dissertations, among which 38 were published on CSSCI; and 12 monographs, compilations or other of the same kind; received 32 awards, among which five are at provincial and ministerial level; obtained 47 approved academic programs, of which two are at national level and 14 are at provincial and ministerial level and it had been granted with 890.000 RMB scientific funds. Attaching importance to the environment and infrastructure construction, the center has set up self-contained research rooms, reference rooms and research oriented facilities.

(2)  Zhao Qiuye received doctor degrees in Russian language and literature, Russian science of education. He is professor, PhD postgraduates¡¯ instructor, the first-session New Century Excellent Talent Award receiver granted by Ministry of Education and renowned teacher in Heilongjiang Province. He majors in Russian language and literature and his research directions are psychological linguistics and Russian theory of teaching. He is the dean of the Slavic college in Harbin Normal University, a member of the University¡¯s Academic Degree Committee, an academic leader on key majors of university level, an academic leader on key disciplines of provincial level, the director of the ¡°Russian Education Research Center of Heilongjiang Province¡±¡ªa key research base on humanities and social sciences. He has presided more than 10 projects on scientific research and teaching research at provincial and ministerial level. 5 books had been published or edited by him. And he has published over 30 papers in domestic and foreign magazines such as Modern Foreign Language, Foreign Language Research, and Moscow University Journal and so on.

He is, at the same time, a committee member of Foreign Language Major Teaching Instruction of High Education of Ministry of Education (2007-2011), standing director of China Russian Teaching Society, a member of editorial board of the China Russian Education Magazine, standing director of China Vygotsky Psychology Research Society, etc.

Persons in Charge:

Professor Zhao Qiuye, director

Professor Wu Zhe, deputy director

Personal profile:
Wu Zhe was born in July 1972, professor and PhD, the deputy director of the ¡°Russian Language Education Research Center of Harbin Normal University¡±¡ªa key higher learning research base on humanities and social sciences at of Heilongjiang Province. In 2005, he graduated from Russian college of Heilongjiang University and received doctor degree of Russian language and literature. Between 2003 and 2004 he was sent to Ukraine Haerkof State University as a visiting scholar. His fields of research are semantics, terminology, cognitive linguistics and lexicography. He has published 24 dissertations in journals home and abroad such as Foreign Language Research, Lexicographical Studies and China Russian Education. He has published one monograph, one co-authored book, one textbook, two teaching reference books and one dictionary as editor-in-chief; and participated in one book¡¯s translation. He had carried out 12 research projects and spent 297.000RMB research fund and gained 16 items of awards of all kinds, etc.

(3) Add.: Room 626, humanities and social sciences building, No.1 South Normal University Road, Limin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Harbin.

(4) Contacts:
Office Tel.: +86-451-88060357

2.Russian Culture and Art Research Center of the Key Research Base on Humanities and Social Sciences of Heilongjiang Province

(1) Brief introduction:
 Under the ¡°Russian Culture and Arts Research Center¡± ¨C a key research and cultivation base on humanities and social sciences of Heilongjiang Province, there are several fields of research including Russian culture and literature, Russian arts and Sino-Russia culture exchange, research on Russian issues. With the leadership of Professor Zhao Xiaobin, the director of the center, and efforts made by the core forces consist of Professors Tao Yabing, Yu Zhengmin, Zhou Weiguo, Associate Professors Li Yingyu, Chen Xianliang, Wang Xiyue, Bai Yexin, Wang Lixin, Gao Jianhua, Doctor Yang Yubo, Wang Ye, Ping Pingfan, and Lecturer Chen Xiaojie, the center has made brilliant achievements. More than 80 research projects had been approved, among which there are five humanities and social sciences projects at national level and over ten projects are at provincial and ministerial level; four projects were supported by provincial key university teachers, five projects are key at the provincial department level, and the other 30 are general projects. In all, the center has published over 30 academic books, more than 200 dissertations, and gained 54 awards of all kinds and all levels.

(2) Person in charge: Professor Zhao Xiaobin

Personal profile:
Zhao Xiaobin was born in June 1963. In 1998, he graduated with PhD degree from Heilongjiang University and was named professor in 2001. His research direction is Russian literature. He works as a judge on Heilongjiang Province Social Sciences Foundation Projects and National Philosophy Social Sciences Foundation Projects. Currently he is the deputy dean of the Slavic college and at the same time he is an editorial member of Russian Literature and Arts, and the deputy director of the ¡°Russian Culture and Arts Research Center¡±¡ªa key research & cultivation base on humanities & social sciences of Heilongjiang Province and a member of Academic Board of the Harbin Normal University. He has carried out and participated in six projects of Humanities and Social Sciences Foundation held by provincial Education Department, one project supported by provincial backbone teachers at universities and one project of Harbin Normal University Outstanding Youth Foundation and one Publication Foundation for Excellent Monographs. He published three monographs and over 30 papers on periodicals such as Foreign Literature Review, Foreign Literature Studies, Contemporary Foreign Literature, Russian Literature and Arts, Foreign Language Research, China Russian Language Teaching and so on. He was awarded with second-place prize for provincial Social Sciences Research Achievements Award and five other prizes for provincial High Learning Humanities and Social Sciences Research Achievements Awards.

(3) Add.: Room 233, Slavic college in the complex building, No.1 South Normal University Road, Limin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Harbin.
Office Tel£º+86-451-88060737


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