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 (¢ò) Teaching Units

1.     Chemistry Department

The chemistry department consists of Chemical physics division, organic chemistry division and Chemistry teaching division. The chemistry department aims at nurturing innovative, open-minded and adaptable teachers for high schools with professional skills consolidation and knowledge of modern teaching concept, as well as with a good master of basic theory of chemistry and experimental skills. The department also cultivates interdisciplinary talents whose research areas range from teaching study, chemistry, chemical scientific research as well as scientific and technological innovation to management.

The chemistry department currently has 1 provincial key disciplinary major, 1 key chemical-physics disciplinary area and 1 provincial innovation base for postgraduates majored in ¡°Functional Chemistry and Green Chemistry¡±.

(1)   Head of the Chemistry Department: Shang Yongchen

Shang Yongchen Profile:

Shang Yongchen, male, was born in August, 1968, being a doctor and supervisor for postgraduates. He received his bachelor degree from Chemistry Department of Harbin Normal University in 1990 and received his master degree from chemical physics Department of Harbin Normal University in 1995, and then attained his PhD from Jilin University in 2005. 

His research interest is mainly in Synthesis, Characterizations and Catalysis of porous materials. He currently joins 1 NNSFC, presiding 1 Provincial Natural Scientific Foundation of Heilongjiang and 1 Harbin Special Fund for innovative talents. In recent three years, he has published about 20 papers in academic journals at home and abroad, such as Catalysis Communications, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, React.Kinet.Catal.Lett, the newspaper of catalysis, Petrochemical Industry and so on.

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2. Material Chemistry Department

The Material Chemistry department consists of inorganic chemistry, material and chemical engineering division and analytical chemistry division. The department mainly nurtures specialists in the research of chemistry, material chemistry and relative areas, as well as technology development and management. The department also trains higher technical personnel for scientific research institutes, factories and enterprises.

The material chemistry department currently has 1 key provincial lab (material physics and chemistry lab) and 1 provincial college innovation team (new functional materials and green chemistry-innovated team).

 (1) Head of the Department: Li Gang

Li Gang Profile:

Li Gang, an associate professor and doctor, was born in 1969. He received his B.S. from the chemistry department of Harbin Normal University in 1992. He received his M.S. from chemical physics department of Harbin Normal University in 1995. He then received his D.E. from Chemical Physics department of Harbin Institute of Technology in 2006.

His research interest is in material structure and characterizations, prediction of properties of material and material design and other areas. He once performed as a visiting scholar to Japanese Dedao University in 2006 and received advanced studies in Japanese Oscar University in 2007.

He has joined or been in charge of more than 10 scientific projects. In recent years, he has published 22 papers in journals at home and abroad (Materials Chemistry and Physics, Materials Letters, Journal of Materials Science, Newspaper of Metals, Scientific Newspaper of Molecule and so on), among which 9 were collected in SCI and 8 were collected in EI. He also received 3 authorized state invention patents, 1 third prize of Provincial Scientific and Technological Advances Awards, 2 first prizes of Scientific and Technological Advances Awards from provincial Education Department, 1 second prize of Heilongjiang Provincial Science and Technologies for colleges, and 1 excellent academic thesis from the college. 

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 3.  Pharmacy Engineering Department

The Pharmacy Engineering department consists of pharmacy engineering divisions, aiming at nurturing innovative and skillful talents whose research areas range from chemical drugs research institutes, chemical drugs production enterprises, pharmacy colleges, quality examination institute of drugs, as well as the production, scientific research, development, improvement of techniques, application study, quality control of fine chemicals.

The pharmacy engineering department currently has 1 Meidong Biomaterial Horizontal Integrated Research Institute of Harbin Normal University and 1 provincial postgraduate innovation base called Meidong Biomaterial.

(1)                     Head of the Department: Jin Yingxue

Jin Yingxue Profile:

Jin Yinxue, male, was born in October, 1966, being a professor and doctor. He received his PhD from Korean Pusan University in 2003, and did his postdoctoral research in Korean Pusan University at the same year, as well as did the postdoctoral research in Taiwan University in 2006. He also worked as a advanced researcher in Korean Yixin Chemistry Company from March, 2003 to December, 2005.

His research interest in synthesis of optical macrocyclic compounds and synthesis of drugs. He is in charge of 1 NNFSC, 1 Provincial Natural scientific foundation, 1 overseas talents project supported by National Education Department, 1 overseas talents project supported by National Personnel Department and 1 Heilongjiang Project for Overseas Talents. In recnt years, he has published about 40 academic thesis in academic journals, such as J.Am.Chem.Soc, Org.Lett, J.Photochem. Photobiochem. Chem.A,  Tetrahydro, Bull. Korean. Chem, and Organic Chemistry. Besides, he has applied 2 patents.

(2) Contract
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£¨¢ó£©Science and Research Platform

1. Heilongjiang Key Lab¡ª¡ª ¡°Advanced Functional Materials and Excited State¡±

 (1) Subject Profile

Established in 2009, the lab is the only lab in Heilongjiang that does researches on luminescent nano materials and applications. The research interest is in magnetic material/luminescent materials and excited states, preparation and property of low dimensional nano magnetic functional materials, assembly packaging of solid supermolecule and functional ultrathin films and research on greening catalytic materials. The lab currently has 18 stuff members, with 8 professors, 12 doctors and 3 guest professors. The lab has cooperated well with Harbin Huayu Co, Ltd. and Daqing Petrol Control and Technique Research Company in the project of ¡°¦Á-amounts Jiben and intermediate test of Jiale Musk Deer¡± and ¡°Study on the Synthesis of Diacetone Acrylamide¡±. What¡¯s more, the project of ¡°Study on the Synthesis of Diacetone Acrylamide¡±has helped Daqing Petrol Control and Technique Research Company make profit of 8,700,000 RMB.

(2) Person in chief: Wang Xuanzhang

Wang Xuanzhang Profile

Wang Xuanzhang, a doctor, professor and supervisor of PhD students, was born in October, 1957. He is the current president of Harbin Normal University. He was promoted as a professor in 1992 and was cited as a distinguished expert of outstanding contributions at provincial level in1995. Besides, he received State Council Allowance in 1996 and was cited a national distinguished expert of outstanding contributions in1998 and is the leading expert of the key project at provincial level ¡°Agglomerate State Physics¡±.

He has received 1 third prize of Heilongjiang Science and Technology Advance Award and 2 second prizes of Heilongjiang Science and Technology Advance Award as the first candidate. He has been in charge of 8 projects as high as at national level and once received Heilongjiang Distinguished Youth Foundation. Since 1988, he has published 32 these in periodicals at home and abroad and totally has carried out 10 different projects with abundant achievements.

2.     ¡°Chemical Physics¡±¡ª¡ª Heilongjiang Key Subject

(1)               Subject Profile

This major currently has 21 teachers, among which 20 have senior titles of professional posts, with 15 doctors and 1 PhD candidate. There four brand professional characteristics: catalytic material and greenization, energy catalysis and quantum chemistry during the catalytic process. The research interest is mainly in the synthesis of new catalytic material and its application in environmentally friendly catalytic reaction, the preparation of hydrogen energy and the catalytic transfer if coal, preparation of electrode materials ant its application in fuel cells and the catalytic materials, research on theories and applications of quantum chemistry calculation of electronic materials.   

The subject is supported and has been started by Fine Chemical Products Research Center of Harbin Normal University which is also known as the combination of Heilongjiang SME General Technical Research Center and the Heilongjiang Key Lab. In 2009, the subject has cooperated with Harbin Fusheng Science and Technology Ltd. to carry out the technical research on ¡°preparation of ion oxide nano-powder with waste acid¡± which is a Heilongjiang Key Science and Technology Project. Besides, the subject has made basic agreements with Qitaihe Baotailong Coal and Chemistry Co, Ltd. to develop the project ¡°Comprehensive Technique of Coal-Tar¡±together.   

(2) Leading Expert: Cai Qinghai

Cai Qinghai Profile

Cai Qinghai, a professor and doctor, was born in March, 1962. He has been the editor of Catalysis Communications., ChemSusChem, Fuel Processing Technology, Energy & Fuel, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research and other periodicals. He is the executive administrative of Heilongjiang Institute of Chemistry, member of Heilongjiang SME Advisory Committee, chief director of Fine Chemistry Research Center of Harbin Normal University and also the leading expert of ¡°Advanced Functional Material and Green Chemistry¡± Innovation Team of Harbin Normal University.

Cai¡¯s research interest is in material and catalytic chemistry. In recent three years, Cai has published over 50 theses in periodicals at home and abroad including Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Applied Catalysis A:General, Catalysis Communications, Chemistry Engineering Journal, Electrochimica Acta, Catalysis Letters, etc. 28 theses have been collected by SCI. Cai has been in charge of 20 horizontal projects at national, provincial and municipal levels. Besides, he has presided 9 scientific research projects. All in all, he has received more than 2,400,000 RMB as investment. He has received 1 second prize of Heilongjiang Science and Technology Award (Natural Science), 1 second prize of Heilongjiang Science and Technology Award for Higher Education and has been entitled with ¡°Advanced Inventor¡± in 2005.

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3. Heilongjiang Higher Education Key Lab¡ª¡ª¡°Material Physics and Chemistry¡±

(1) Subject Profile

The subject of ¡°Material Physics and Chemistry¡±is a Heilongjiang Higher Education Key Lab, established in 2002, and got inspection and acceptance by scholars in 2005. The lab has been opened up. Among the stuff members of the lab, there is 1 distinguished expert at national level, 4 PhD supervisors. The lab currently occupies a total area of 1230 m2, with more than 30,000,000 RMB as properties of instruments. 

The research interest: synthesis and property of magnetic materials, preparation of nano materials and property of optics, inorganic non-mental materials, functional semiconducting materials, synthesis and characterization of catalytic materials and research on related products. The lab set up four secondary subjects, including condensed matter physics, inorganic chemistry, chemical physics, chemical physics and chemistry. The lab covers solid physics, physical crystals, design of materials, new exploration of new materials, structure defects and properties of materials, artificial crystals, low-dimensional inorganic-nonmetallic materials, material chemistry, material physics, nano materials and other research directions.

(2) Persons Responsible: Zhou Baibin

Zhou Baibin Profile

Zhou Baibin, a doctor and professor, was born in April, 1964, is the current vice dean of Graduate School and also the vice chief of Heilongjiang Chemistry Institute. He is also the administrative member of Daily Chemical Engineering Institute and administrative member of Harbin Material and Test Institute. He is also the editor of Chemistry and Adhesion, the member of Heilongjiang Degree Granted Institute and the member of Heilongjiang Senior Post Validation Committee.

Zhou¡¯s research interest is in oxometallates and nano materials. Zhou has presided and joined over 20 scientific projects and been in charge of 3 NNSFC. Since 2001, Zhou has published over 70 thesis collected by SCI in several journals, such as, Chem.Commun., Inorg. Chem, Crystal Growth & Design, Cryst Eng Commun, Dalton Transactions, J.Colloid Interface Sci., Eur. J. Inorg. Chem, Electrochimica Acta, Inorg.Chem.Commun., J£®Alloys Compounds, J. Solid State Chem., Inorg. Chim. Acta, Mater. Lett., J. Mol. Struct., Solid State Sci., etc.

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4. Heilongjiang Higher Education Innovation Team ¡°New Functional Material and Greening Chemistry Innovation Team¡±

     (1) Team Profile

     ¡°New Functional Material and Greening Chemistry Innovation Team¡± currently has four research directions: Synthesis Design and Applied Research on ordered porous materials; Photochemistry and Ionic Liquids and Application, Design and Application of Green Battery and Inorganic Nano Functional Material.

The team members all PhD degrees, among which Zhu Guangshan is the specially-appointed professor of Jilin University. The group carries out 10 NNFSC projects, 8 projects of Heilongjiang Natural Science Foundation and over 30 projects of other departments in recent five years. The research expenditure is over 12,000,000 RMB and has published over 200 theses, among which 150 are collected by SCI. The team has received 3 second prize of Heilongjiang Science and Technology Awards, and 1 third prize of Heilongjiang Science and Technology Award and 1 second prize of Heilongjiang Science and Technology Award for Higher Education.

£¨2£©Chief Professor: Qu Fengyu

Qu Fengyu Profile:

Qu Fengyu, female, was born in November 1963, being a doctor and professor as well as a PhD supervisor. Graduated from the Chemistry Department of Harbin Normal University in 1984, she received her bachelor¡¯s degree there. She received her master¡¯s degree majored in Biochemistry and Molecular Chemistry in Jiamusi Medicine institute in 1999. She received her PhD in Jilin University key lab of inorganic synthesis preparative chemistry in 2006.

Her research interest mainly focuses on inorganic functional material, including porous material, drug carrier, restoration-oriented material as well as the study of synthesis and function of biological and medical materials. In recent years, she has published several articles in famous academic journals at home and abroad, such as ChemPhysChem, Micro.and Meso, Mater, Euro. J. Inorg. Chem. Qu Fengyu also performs as the chief expert of Heilongjiang Provincial Science-Innovated Group, presides NNSFC and Heilongjiang Provincial Innovation Base for Postgraduates as well as Natural Science Foundation of Heilongjiang Province. She also pushes forward the horizontal integration with Chemical Physics Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Dalian, and promotes the cooperative project with Shanghai Meidong Biomaterial Company as well as performs as the chief scientist of the provincial innovation team in universities ¡°New Functional Material & Green Chemistry-Innovated Team¡±. 

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